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Our Rewarewa Honey won Grand First Prize out of over 600 entries from across the world to become the Best Tasting Honey in the World. Our Tāwari and Pua-ā-Tane Wild Forest Honey also got to the final of this contest. Read more here

Rewarewa Honey

London Honey Award Winning Honey by Manwa Honey NZ - World's Best Honey with Kids Tasting in Background

Our Mānuka and Tāwari Honey won Gold and our other honeys won Silver in the London Honey Awards, which are a prestigious event held annually for honey entries from countries world-wide. Read more here

Mānuka Honey

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Mānuka and Tāwari Honey won Gold with our other honeys also winning awards in this annual event for celebrating New Zealand’s Outstanding Food Producers. Read more here

Tāwari Honey

Our Customers’ Favourites

Rewarewa Honey 500g

USD $25.99

The Best Tasting Honey in the World!

Our Rewarewa Honey won Grand First Prize in the 10th Black Jar International Honey Tasting Contest held in Asheville, USA. Also has Silver Medals in London Honey Awards and Outstanding Food Producers Awards.

An outstanding honey from the pristine forests of Te Urewera that packs a punch of beneficial properties, with a deep colour and a rich, full flavour, that tops the world for taste.

Also available in 250g and 110g.

Mānuka MG100+ Honey 500g

USD $39.99

Our Mānuka MG100+ Honey is a GOLD medal winner in the London Honey Awards and the NZ Outstanding Food Producers in 2021. Judges described it as a ‘beautiful product’ with ‘unique characteristics’ and ‘release of flavours as it melts’. Our customers tell us it is the best!

Our ancestors used the Mānuka tree for medicinal purposes in days gone by and now, Mānuka Honey is world-famed for its unique properties. Research world-wide tells a compelling story of what Mānuka Honey does for well-being and healing!

Also available in 250g and 110g.


Tāwari Honey 500g

USD $18.99

Tāwari won Golds at London Honey Awards and NZ Outstanding Food Producers Awards, finalist at Black Jar International Honey Tasting Contest, USA

A rare honey from groves of the Tāwari tree deep within our forest Te Urewera. Exquisite taste and texture, comes with a hint of butterscotch.

Here in 500g jars, also available in 250g and 110g jars.

Manawa: Honey From The Heart

Manawa means ‘heart’. And that’s what drives us.
Logo Of Golden Heart For Manawa Honey NZ, Ruatahuna, Te Urewera, New Zealand

We’re from Ruatāhuna at the Heart of Māui’s Fish – the North Island of New Zealand. The purest place on earth.

We have built our honey business to sustain our people with jobs and good health, and to keep bees for what they do for our place and this planet. We specialise in producing the best native tree honeys from our vast untouched forests in Te Urewera – homeland of our tribe Tūhoe.

Exquisite honeys – taonga in taste and texture – magical Mānuka, stunning Rewarewa and rare Tāwari. Then there is Pua-ā-Tāne Wild Forest Honey – bounty of the god of the forest. Available to buy online or in selected stores throughout New Zealand.

For discerning honey-lovers in New Zealand and across the globe.

Our Kaupapa

The Manawa Story Read More

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Mānuka Honey: Magical!

Find out more about the unique properties of our Mānuka Honey.

Manuka Honey Being Spooned In Bowl: Thumbnail For Video About The Properties Of Mānuka Honey Of Manawa Honey NZ, Ruatāhuna, Te Urewera, New Zealand

Featured Products

Mānuka And Tāwari Honey In Honeys Of Te Urewera Gift Pack By Manawa Honey NZ 2 x 250g Jars

Mānuka MG100+ & Tawari Gift Pack of 2 x 250g

Mānuka, Tāwari and Rewarewa Honey Bundle By Manawa Honey NZ 3 x 500g Jars For Honeys Of Te Urewera Range Marked As Great Value

Honeys of Te Urewera Range Special 3 x 500g

Manuka, Tawari And Rewarewa Honey In Honeys Of Te Urewera Gift Pack By Manawa Honey NZ 3 x 110g Jars

Honeys of Te Urewera Range Gift Pack of 3x110g

Tikanga - Our Values

We are driven in what we do by a number of core values:
Earth With Heart Graphic For Manawa Honey NZ Values


Sustainable Land Use

People and the land in harmony, forever.

Two People Holding A Heart As Icon For Manawa Honey NZ Values

Tangata Whenua

Our People of the Land

Creating jobs for generations of our people of Tūhoe.

Bee in a circle icon for the values of Manawa Honey NZ beekeeping


Sustainable Beekeeping

Practices based on natural forest sources of nectar and pollen.

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Our Forest Quintessence

Looking after our indigenous ecosystems in Te Urewera.

Two Hands Holding A Heart - Icon For Manawa Honey NZ Values


Honey from the Heart

Producing honeys with great care.

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