This is so delicious and very good when I had bronchitis, it fixed me all up 🙂 

Delilah Whitu, Rotorua, NZ

And can I just say…. ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. Honey and Lime by the spoonful!

Jhyonni Rawiri, Ruatahuna, NZ

How wonderful it is that the honey bee can fly into the flowering crowns of the pristine native forests of the Te Urewera and collect their superb nectars. The blend of tastes of the rewarewa, tawari, kanuka, hinau, tawhero and manuka nectars, among others, are stored within the combs of these hives. The delightful creamy honey that is produced sweetens the morning refreshment as well as providing a delightful dipping honey for the fruits of our breakfast. My thanks to the hard working “Children of the Mist” who make this pleasurable start to the day.

John McLean, Gisborne, NZ

It has rightly received the award of “The Best Tasting Honey in the World”. It suits my taste buds perfectly as its not too sweet. If you are looking for a more sweet tasting honey, you should go for the Tawari honey. Due to the rich color of Rewarewa honey, am also looking forward to try out recipes which include it!

Radhika Dewan, Pachkula, India

Beautiful honey that my whole family loves.

Chris Young, NZ

Best Manuka honey I have tasted….. ever…and I have been eating Manuka honey since childhood in the 1950’s!
The texture is lovely and smooth; and the 100+ active manuka factor is a bonus. Excellent for both taste buds and health.

Marilyn, Auckland, NZ

Manawa Manuka Honey is a very important part of my daily wellbeing. I always look forward to a rounded teaspoon of your smooth and delicious Manuka Honey as a topping on my yogurt, cereals and fruit each morning. I have an auto-immune gut and thus I can experience irritable bowel syndrome. For me I have found that a rounded teaspoon of your Manuka Honey each morning has helped to ease my symptoms. I have also adopted a FODMAP diet and follow the food guide recommendations available on the Monash University FODMAP Diet app. Monash University advise one teaspoon (7g) of Honey is low FODMAP at any one sitting. There is a lot of information available on the Web regarding Manuka Honey and irritable bowel syndrome.
Thank you so much again for your special “Honey from the Heart”. I enjoy reading the information on your excellent website, including the papers by Peter Molan, and your history and business model is an inspiration.

Sue, NZ

I stumbled upon Manawa Honey when looking for a good quality honey to have in my morning tonic. I found so much more than that. They promote regenerative practices and align with Matauranga Maori. Their transparency, story and ethos is one of a kind. And I love that they are also strictly against glysophate.

Carli Davis

Richard Davis, Auckland, NZ

Dear Brenda

Hope you’re doing well! I had ordered honey from you back in the month of May. My family loved it. So I’m ordering a bigger box of Manuka Honey this time and also trying out the healing balm…

We have a spoonful of this honey every now and then. But most importantly, we use it for minor throat issues like sore throat. It works like a charm when any of us gets a sore throat and we take half a spoon of it, it gets fine and doesn’t turn worse (else we would have to take medication)…

Best wishes,


Radhika Dewan, Pachkula, India

Hey All

I recently went to the Food Show for the first time ever and I bought some of your honey. Yum. Can’t stop eating the lime infused one. It’s nearly all gone. My brother in law loves his gift pack of three. He’s a honey nut too. Keep up the great work.

Kia ora koutou.

Laurel Barrington, Auckland, NZ

After reading the article in The Beacon about your success story with Manawa honey I wanted to support your company so bought a couple of jars of Tawari Honey.

I wasn’t disappointed, it’s delicious.

Congratulations on your business, you have done so well.


Sue Smith

Sue Smith, Whakatane NZ

Kia ora Brenda 

Honey has arrived – perfect on a chilly day. Beautiful. 

I love the different flavours. My Dad kept bees – my Mum said she could tell what season the honey came from because of the flavour. I thought she was teasing us, but realise now how much different flowers affect the taste.

Thanks again for the well packed package.

Nga mihi, na Gabrielle


Gabrielle, Patea, NZ

Hi Brenda!

After a long wait of 3 weeks, we finally received the parcel!

All 3 varieties of honey taste superb. They are so distinct from each other. I was especially waiting for the Manuka honey, as its medicinal properties work like a charm on minor throat sore problems for my entire family! 

Even the honey and goat milk soap are great!

Thank you so much for making these products travel to us across thousands of miles in these travel restricted times 😀

Take care! Best wishes, Radhika

Radhika Dewan, India

CONGRATULATIONS to you and the team at Manawa Honey.  It is a truly deserved win. 

You lovely people have worked so hard to produce the best tasting honeys in the world. 😊

A little story: My 7 year-old  grand-daughter was up for vacation with her Mum and Dad. She had always been a bit indifferent to honey. Shortly after they arrived, I made her toast with your Rewarewa honey on it as part of her breakfast. She had  a taste and then gobbled up every piece on her plate and asked for more. Every morning after that she asked for toast with the yummy honey on! I tried her out with your manuka honey and that went down a treat as well. Her Mum  (my daughter) is so pleased that we have her now eating honey.

Thank you for the prompt dispatch of my order last week. Two of the Rewarewa pots and 2 of the Manuka pots are now on their way to my grand-daughter!

Marilyn, Auckland, NZ

Hi Brenda

That is very cool! Well done to you and the team. Top of the world and three of out of top 20!!! 

I’m glad my taste buds agree with these competitions. We’re really lucky to have you guys in our rohe to feed us!

Nga mihi, Marcus

Marcus Baker, Whakatane, NZ