August 2021


August 2021


August 2021

Thumbnail With Tawari Honey And Announcer With Honey Bee In Bacxkground - About Manawa Honey NZ, Ruatahuna, Te Urewera

28 October 2018

Te Karere TVNZ talks about how Manawa Honey’s business is booming. It started with 90 hives, now they have close to a thousand! Rapaera Tawhai reports how the business is looking to go even further.

Thumbnail With Presenter and Bees Behind Reporting On Manawa Honey NZ Of Ruatahuna, Te Urewera

Te Karere TVNZ: Te Urewera honey, Manawa honey


Take a look at the story of Manawa Honey NZ featured in this ‘Marae’ programme

Thumbnail For Video By Mataora Series On Story Of Manawa Honey NZ, Ruatāhuna, Te Urewera, New Zealand, Showing Man In Front Of Flag On Wall

23 November 2015

Manawa Honey features in this programme from Mataora

Thumbnail For Maori Television Programme About Manawa Honey NZ, Ruatāhuna, Te Urewera, New Zealand, Showing James Doherty, Chair Tuhoe Tuawhenua Trust

Maori Television: Manawa Honey features in Te Iti Kuhurangi TV series

14 September 2014

Manawa Honey features in this programme from Te Iti Kahurangi TV series. Find out about what inspires Manawa Honey and some of the beekeeping that is involved in honey production.


September 2021

The Detail: The paths much less travelled

Listen to it here

July 2021

Ruatahuna honey company wins ‘best-tasting in the world’ title

Listen to it here

Logo Of Te Upoko O Te Ika Radio Which Carried Story On Manawa Honey NZ, Ruatāhuna, Te Urewera, New Zealand

Niwa short interview with James Tahae Doherty

August 2019

Tuawhenua Trust Chairman, James Tahae Doherty talks to Te Upoko about the recent history of the area in Te Urewera (where he lives) before going on to talk about the exquisite honey being produced in Ruatāhuna by the business, Manawa Honey NZ.

Kei te kōrero a James mō ngā kōrero e whakapapa atu ana ki te kamupene miere i whakatūngia ki Ruatāhuna.


Manaway Honey and Te Urewera treks

December 2014

Listen to how two businesses in the isolated community of Ruatahuna are proving successful in creating employment and utilising the area’s natural resource.

Manawa Honey in Ruatāhuna

April 2014

Maraea Rakuraku visits with Brenda Tahi to talk about how Ruatāhuna is determined to build the capacity of its community and thinks harvesting honey through Manawa Honey just maybe one of the ways to do it.



Manawa Honey NZ CEO Brenda Tahi Presenting In Conference in Chaing Mai Thailand

Manawa Honey CEO visits Thailand

February 2019

Tūhoe Tuawhenua Trust, the founder of Manawa Honey CEO, Brenda Tahi and Atamira Nuku gathered with others in dialogue during late January in Thailand. This visit covered indigenous knowledge being linked with global assessment of pollination and pollinators.

CEO Manawa Honey NZ Brenda Tahi Presenting To Conference in China

Manawa Honey CEO presents at conference in Guizhou, China

November 2018

Our CEO Brenda Tahi travelled to China for the IMTA Conference (International Mountain Tourism Alliance). As we are members of The IMTA, Brenda gave a presentation – here’s a short video clip…

Thumbnail of Manawa Honey NZ CEO Brenda Tahi In Action Presenting At Trees For Bees Conference

Manawa Honey CEO presents at the Eastwoodhill ‘Trees for Bees’ conference

May 2014

Take a look at the our story and views on “Trees for Bees” at a conference for this kaupapa…