Pua-ā-Tāne is ideal for all uses of honey – as a daily elixir for good health in drink or straight from the jar, as a spread on toast or bread, for flavouring and enhancing sweet and savoury dishes in your cooking. We use Pua-ā-Tāne every day for our cool and hot drinks – with lime or lemon, tea or coffee, keeping us in great health throughout the year.

Pua-ā-Tāne Wild Forest Honey is our forest reflection in a jar. Pua is the Maori word for flower, blossom or seed and so denotes the essence of life, flourishing and fertility. Tāne is our God of the Forest. He descends from Rangi, our Sky Father, and Papa, our Earth Mother. In our stories of origin, Tāne begat all life in our forests, including all trees, birds and insects, so we see our forests and all in it as his offspring or reflection.

Each season brings into this unique honey varying combinations of forest nectars such as Rewarewa, Tāwari, Tawhero, Hinau, Kānuka and Mānuka. So it is that this honey has been named by our elders and forest experts as Pua-ā-Tāne – as a reflection of the essence of the life and bounty of our forest.

Our Pua-ā-Tāne Wild Forest Honey is presented here creamed in 500g jars. We also present it raw in 3kg and 6kg pails.

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Pua-ā-Tāne Ngā Mīere o te Ngahere

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Pua-ā-Tāne Wild Forest Honey 500g

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Pua-ā-Tāne Wild Forest Honey Special 3 x 500g

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Raw Pua-ā-Tāne Wild Forest Honey 1kg

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Raw Pua-ā-Tāne Wild Forest Honey – 3kg

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Raw Pua-ā-Tāne Wild Forest Honey: Limited Edition 6kg

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