Mānuka MG100+ Honey 500g


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Our Manuka Honey is the best from the forests of Te Urewera, bringing world-famous properties, its taste with complex and earthy undertones. Our bees harvest this honey from the flower of the manuka tree which was traditionally used for a range of medicinal purposes. Use daily as an elixir as a drink or straight from the jar. You can also use it for enhancing and sweetening your favourite dishes.

Also available in 250g.


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Our bees work the flowers of the Manuka tree which grows on our forest edges, to produce this remarkable honey. Our ancestors used Manuka for a range of medicinal purposes – relieving pain, treating burns and wounds and other afflictions and for reducing fever. Manuka Honey is now world-famed for its unique properties, and research world-wide tells a compelling story of what it does for well-being and healing!

Methyglyoxal (MG) is the compound occurring naturally in Manuka Honey that makes it so special, and we use this as our rating system. It’s clear, honest and directly based on what Manuka Honey actually contains.

Our Manuka Honey is an amber honey, with that distinctive medicinal and earthy taste. Use Manuka Honey daily as an elixir or tonic, for drinks and in your cooking for that special dish.


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2 reviews for Mānuka MG100+ Honey 500g

  1. Chris Young

    Beautiful honey that my whole family loves.

    • Brenda Tahi, CEO Manawa Honey NZ

      Hope all is well for you Chris. Thanks for your comment – hope the family continues to enjoy our honey.

  2. Marilyn

    Best Manuka honey I have tasted….. ever…and I have been eating Manuka honey since childhood in the 1950’s!
    The texture is lovely and smooth; and the 100+ active manuka factor is a bonus. Excellent for both taste buds and health.

    • Brenda Tahi, CEO Manawa Honey NZ

      Thanks for your comment Marilyn. It’s taken us a long time to reply but just wanted to say we’re proud of the quality of our manuka honey and it’s great to see you appreciate it!

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