Matariki Ahunga Nui – Feast Hampers for Celebrating Matariki

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The Matariki Feast Hamper contains a prime selection of foods sourced from the pristine forests of Te Urewera, and from our home orchards and gardens of Ruatāhuna. Or traded for Manawa Honey in traditional practice.

The hamper includes delights such as Ruatāhuna Free-Range Pork, Te Urewera Venison Sausages, Te Waiiti Taewa (Maori Potatoes), Rewarewa Honey and Raisin Steamed Pudding, Horopito Dry Meat Rub, Heritage Orchard Peaches and Pears, Feijoa and Wild Forest Honey Chutney, Manuka Smoked Cheese and Quince Paste and lots more. See the full hamper list in the description below.

All made with love and care by our team. Designed to serve 4 for all main items.

To get your hamper, make a koha (donation) of your choice, starting at $300, for our fund for restoration of Ruatāhuna forests. Matariki Ahunga Nui is an initiative of the Tuawhenua Trust with Manawa Honey NZ, reviving a range of traditions for Matariki 2022.

Available only in New Zealand. Supply of hampers is limited, so don’t delay! Hampers will be delivered by courier from 16 June 2022 in time for Matariki. Note that promotional discount codes will not be applied when purchasing this item.

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Matariki Feast Hampers

Our hampers contain a prime selection of natural and delicious home-produced foods, made with love and care by our team, from the heart. Sourced from our pristine forests of Te Urewera, our gardens and orchards, or through the traditional practice of trading (using Manawa Honey).

The hamper includes:

  • Ruatāhuna Free-Range Pork
  • Heritage Apple and Tāwari Honey
  • Te Urewera Venison Sausages
  • Horopito Dry Meat Rub
  • Rosemary and Onion Stuffing
  • Bay of Plenty Ocean Fish
  • Whakatane River Tuna (Eel)
  • Te Waiiti Tāewa (Maori Potatoes)
  • Kaipara Kumara
  • Kamokamo & Rewarewa Honey Relish
  • Feijoa and Wild Forest Honey Chutney
  • Heritage Orchard Peaches and Pears
  • Rewarewa Honey and Raisin Steamed Pudding
  • Wild Forest Honey Rice Bubble Slice
  • Wild Forest Honey Taffy Candy
  • Omokoroa Limes
  • Maunga Honey
  • Pua-a-Tane Wild Forest Honey
  • Manuka Smoked Cheese
  • Quince Paste
  • Rosemary & Tarata Herb Sprigs
  • Kono

Matariki Ahunga Nui

Feasting and the sharing of food is a central element within the Matariki celebration, and this is expressed in the proverb ‘Matariki ahunga nui’ meaning ‘the great food piles of Matariki’.  Matariki is a time when family and friends come together to remember the past year, celebrate the present and plan for the future – best when undertaken with a feast and the sharing of food.

We have adopted Matariki Ahunga Nui for an initiative that is designed with a number of objectives in mind.

To Restore and Enhance Forests of the Tuawhenua Trust

Firstly, we want to establish a fund for enhancing the forests of the founder of Manawa Honey – the Tuawhenua Trust. Our trust is responsible for 9000 hectares of indigenous forest about Ruatāhuna, at Te Manawa o Te Ika a Māui, the Heart of Māui’s Fish.

Our forest is suffering from the impact of introduced pests over time. To reverse this trend for our forest birds and other life in our forest is a massive challenge.

Through Matariki Ahunga Nui, we will establish and grow a fund for our forest to invest for returns to be applied to restoring and enhancing the life of our forest. It’s small but we know this can grow and we have to start somewhere.

To Revive a Range of Traditions

Secondly, Matariki Ahunga Nui supports the revival of some traditions, such as the tradition of feasting as part of the celebration of the rising of Matariki and the coming New Year. For Matariki we want share hampers of special foods that reflect the stars of Matariki and the origins of food.

The food in the hamper is largely from Ruatāhuna, but in reviving a tradition of our ancestors, we have included foods that we acquired from other businesses and tribes through trading in exchange for what we have in surplus – in our case, award-winning honey by Manawa!

Further, this initiative rests on the principle of koha or giving, and reciprocity, that is explained further below.

And overall, this initiative is not just about food and understanding its origin, it is also about our connection to our environment, our association with our communities and our relationships with one another. So those who join our kaupapa will be part of a web or network we are creating for celebrating Matariki now and into the future that connects to our land, our forests, the ocean, our rivers, our people, the sustenance of the natural world, fertility that springs from this, and indeed, life itself.

To Share Hampers of Special Foods

So just how does this all work? Matariki Ahunga Nui involves:

  1. A hamper of foods that:
    1. Has been prepared with the love and care from the forests and orchards of Ruatāhuna by our staff and friends in authentic home-made style, or gained through trade for exchange of Manawa Honey.
    2. Is a traditional selection that reflects the stars in the Matariki constellation – from the ocean, from fresh water, from in the ground, and from the forest.
    3. Will include to serve at least 4 people: pork, venison sausages, fish, eel, kūmara, stuffing, steamed pudding (all frozen), meat rub and herbs, preserved peaches and pears, condiments (chutney and relish), limes, sweets, cheese, fruit paste and snacks.
  2. Our tikanga of koha or donation/gifting so that:
    1. We are not selling our hampers for a stated price.
    2. Instead, we are operating on a koha basis. If you want to contribute to our kaupapa then you choose how much you want to give as a koha. We will then send you one of our hampers. To be clear – all our hampers are the same, it is simply up to you how much you want to donate to our kaupapa.

All koha/proceeds gained from the Matariki feast hampers will go to establishing a fund for the future restoration and enrichment of the Tuawhenua forest in Ruatāhuna, at the Heart of the Fish. There will be no deductions for administration from your koha as it goes into what we will call the (long version) Te Manawa o te Ika (Heart of the Fish) Forest Restoration & Enhancement Fund (long version).

Cost incurred in the production and supply of these foods have been covered by our staff, or their whanau and friends, and Manawa Honey NZ, as our collective contribution to get the (short version) Heart of the Fish Forest Fund up and running.

Available only in New Zealand. Supply of hampers is limited, so don’t delay! Hampers will be delivered by courier from 16 June 2022 in time for Matariki.

Nau mai! Haere mai! Make your koha to get your Matariki hamper now.


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