Raw Kānuka Honey – 3kg

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  • Crisp, aromatic taste with butterscotch notes. Delightful.
  • Raw means not filtered, not heat-treated. No extra processing.
  • Unique New Zealand Honey from the stunning isolated forests of Te Urewera.

Also available in 6kg or 500g.

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Kānuka: Unique New Zealand Honey

Kānuka Honey comes from the Kānuka tree (Kunzea ericoides) which is closely related to the world-famed Mānuka. Kānuka is indigenous to New Zealand and is plentiful in the forests of Te Urewera. And so it is that our bees gather for us another unique New Zealand honey for us to share with you. A real taste of Te Urewera.

We present this honey raw. Raw means not filtered, not heat-treated. No extra processing. Just from the hive to the jar. Nature’s gift.

Kānuka Honey: International Award Winning Taste

Our Kānuka Honey was in the top 10 as a Category winner in the contest for the World’s Best Tasting Honey (11th Black Jar International Honey Tasting Contest) held in Asheville, USA in 2022.

Kānuka Honey comes with a crisp, aromatic taste with butterscotch notes. Delightful.

Kānuka Honey gives a silky depth of flavour to whatever it accompanies. Enjoy by the spoonful, on your toast, in your smoothie or over your muesli. Just wherever you want rich sweetening, an indulgent treat, with a punch.

Kānuka Honey Properties

Properties in line with its cousin, Mānuka Honey. Powerful.

Research finds that Kānuka Honey has high levels of hydrogen peroxide that give it antibiotic properties, so is a natural way to treat burns, cuts, bruises and grazes.

Kānuka Honey also contains high levels of an anti-ageing compound call arabinogalactans (AGP) which gives it powerful anti-inflammatory properties.  and has been found to be effective treatment for skin conditions such as rosacea, cold sores, acne and eczema.

Apply Kānuka Honey straight from the jar for your healing requirements or skin condition, or as a cleansing and refreshing face mask.

Kānuka Honey: From Our Tribe to You!

Manawa means ‘heart’ and that’s what drives us.

Honey from the rhythms of our ancient forest, Te Urewera. As the trees give it. As the bees make it. Magic.

We’re Tūhoe, tribal guardians of Te Urewera – the stunning and isolated forest at the heart of the North Island of New Zealand. We  present our Kānuka Honey here in 3kg pails. From our tribe to you.

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