Raw Mānuka Honey MGO 400+ 3x500g

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  • Mānuka means world-famous properties. Nature’s gift for your health.
  • Raw means not filtered and not heat-treated. Keeping all the goodness.
  • Bundle means premium Mānuka Honey at a good price.

Also available in 250g and in MGO 500+ grade.

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Raw Mānuka Honey MGO 400+ Bundle of 3 x 500g

Raw Mānuka Honey in a premium grade – certified by an independent laboratory to contain at least 500 mg/kg methylglyoxal (MGO). Bundled for you to get a good supply of this honey for your health needs at a good price.

Manawa means ‘heart’ and that’s what drives us. Raw means not filtered and not heat-treated. Mānuka means world-famous properties. Nature’s gift.

The Wonder of Mānuka Honey

Mānuka Honey has been shown through scientific studies across the world to have many beneficial properties, from anti-bacterial to anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. Our Mānuka Honey is tested by an independent internationally-accredited laboratory for methylglyoxal content that sets the rating that we apply for our Mānuka Honey. This certification behind every jar of our Mānuka Honey gives you confidence in the quality of our product.

Facts on Raw Honey

Real raw honey is as the bees make it. It has not been fine-filtered, and it has not been heated to go through a filter or to be pumped through a honey production system. Raw honey is natural – so it will not always be consistent in texture and in time will crystallise or set in different ways. Our high-grade Mānuka Honey sets with distinctive crystals, sometimes quite firmly. These characteristics are all signs that our honey is definitely pure and natural, not heat treated or fine filtered, not pasteurised and not processed. So you can have confidence that all the benefits of Mānuka Honey are available for you when you use it.

Traditional Uses of Mānuka

The Mānuka tree was traditionally used for a range of medicinal purposes. The Mānuka bark was boiled and the infusion drunk or applied externally to relieve pain. Infusions of the Mānuka bark, capsules and seed were also applied to burns and wounds, or for treating mouth, throat and eye affliction, and to reduce fever. Mānuka was also used to treat wounds on horses and other domestic animals.

Premium Mānuka Honey

This traditional knowledge has been rediscovered by modern science demonstrating the power of Mānuka Honey in premium grades for health-giving and medicinal purposes. Here’s others that we offer in our Mānuka Honey range for you:

Raw Mānuka Honey MGO 400+ in 250g jar

Raw Mānuka Honey MGO 500+ in 250g jar

Raw Mānuka Honey MGO 500+ in 500g jar

We recommend that you use our Raw Mānuka Honey daily as an elixir as a drink (in warm not hot water) or straight from the jar. Refer to our recipes for Manuka Honey for how to use it in your cooking.

Not recommended for infants under 12 months.

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Weight 1626 g

500g x 3


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