Which Honey to Choose?

A guide to which of our honeys would best suit your favourite recipe.
Manawa Tawari Honey Recipes Buy Online

Our Tāwari honey is a light honey, not too sweet on the palate and comes with hints of butterscotch and sometimes liquorice that linger just enough to give it a punch of interest. Use our Tāwari honey to complement soft or full-bodied cheeses, on raw fruits, for topping ice-cream or pancakes, or for culinary delight in your desserts.

Recipes with Tāwari honey:

Manawa Honey Mixed Berry Compote

Minty Coconut Chocolate Truffles

Honey Cheese Balls


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Manuka Honey Recipes

Our Mānuka Honey has a distinctive medicinal and earthy taste, so best used on its own as an elixir or tonic, for drinks and in your cooking for that special dish.



Recipes with Manuka Honey:

Honey BBQ Sauce Pork Spare Ribs


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Rewarewa Honey Recipes Buy Online

Our Rewarewa honey has a rich, full-bodied taste, so like Mānuka, use daily straight from the jar, or in drinks. Rewarewa is also especially favoured by chefs for use in savoury and dessert dishes to create culinary delights!


Recipes with Rewarewa Honey:

Manawa Honey Mixed Nuts

Manawa Honey Tumeric Chicken Skewers

Oven Baked Manawa Honey Pork Spare Ribs


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