Raw Forest Honey & Lime Infusion Special 4 x 500g With Wooden Heart Dipper

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  • Not only good for you but tastes superb
  • Hot or cold as a refreshing drink
  • Bronze Medal Winner at Outstanding Food Producers Awards 2022

Available in 500g only.


Our Raw Forest Honey & Lime Infusion is perfect for winter with both raw honey and lime and what they can do for you. Honey for antioxidants and other properties, and to soothe sore throats. Limes for vitamin C and antioxidants. We wanted to create the perfect formula so this infusion is not only good for you but tastes superb as well.

Our customers at the Auckland Food Show 2021 told us we have got this right:

“Wow – that’s incredible.”

“OMG – how did you get that taste!”

“You know you got the perfect balance between the lime and the honey in this – well done!”

“Oh, that’s so unusual. Never heard of it, but it’s terrific!”

So we sold out of the first batch of this product at the Auckland Food Show and now we’re up on-line with our second batch for all of you waiting for this.

Our infusion uses our Pua-ā-Tāne Forest Honey from down-river of Ruatāhuna, so it reflects the magic of our forest, Te Urewera.  Raw – not processed, not heat-treated and not filtered. Just the raw, real deal. Then you get a delightful tang of lime for flavour and goodness. Kapow! Taste sensation right there.

We use a generous teaspoon of this infusion dissolved in water as a drink instead of tea or coffee, morning, noon and night. Hot or cold, it’s refreshing, helps you avoid caffeine, keeps your energy up all day long and keeps you in great health.

At the Auckland Food Show, we had lots of people loving the taste straight out of the jar. Interestingly, especially the men! So use this infusion on your toast, in your smoothies or drizzle on ice-cream or pancakes. It’s up to you – try it wherever you would use honey!

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