Raw Maunga Honey & Cinnamon Infusion 1kg

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  • Rare mountain honey from our forest highlands
  • Infused with cinnamon sticks
  • From the nectars of the Hīnau, Tawhero and Rātā trees
  • Raw, not heat-treated or processed
  • Unique flavours of Te Urewera

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Raw Maunga Honey & Cinnamon Infusion

A delicious combination with our Maunga Honey and cinnamon sticks. Honey from highland forest trees – Hīnau, Tawhero and Rātā – infused with the spicy punch of cinnamon.

Maunga means mountain and this honey comes from Maungapohatu, deep in the heart of Te Urewera – a place of extraordinary spiritual significance for our tribe Tūhoe.

Raw honey at its best – true to the source and the flavours of the forest trees it comes from. No heat treatment, no processing or pasteurisation – just pure natural goodness.

One kilogram of rare mountain honey with cinnamon sticks in a superb glass jar – a taonga for gifting or special addition to your pantry.

Take good care of your precious honey by storing away from light at less than 25◦C.  Raw honey naturally crystallises over time. If you prefer, gently heat and stir to liquefy.

Take this honey straight from the jar for an energy boost, or to connect you, in a quiet moment, to the mauri of our mighty highland forest, Te Urewera.

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