Mānuka MG100+ & Raw Kānuka Honey Gift Pack – 2 x 250g

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  • International award winning honeys
  • The perfect gift – just what you need for your loved ones for that special celebration

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Mānuka Honey and Raw Kānuka Honey combine for a gift pack that is power packed with health properties.

Our Kānuka Honey was in the top 10 as a Category winner in the contest for the World’s Best Tasting Honey (11th Black Jar International Honey Tasting Contest) held in Asheville, USA in 2022.

Kānuka Honey also contains high levels of an anti-ageing compound call arabinogalactans (AGP) which gives it powerful anti-inflammatory properties.  and has been found to be effective treatment for skin conditions such as rosacea, cold sores, acne and eczema.

Kānuka Honey gives a silky depth of flavour to whatever it accompanies. Enjoy by the spoonful, on your toast, in your smoothie or over your muesli. Just wherever you want rich sweetening, an indulgent treat, with a punch.

The Mānuka tree was traditionally used by our ancestors for a range of medicinal purposes. Infusions of the Mānuka bark, capsules and seed were applied to burns and wounds, for pain relief, for treating mouth, throat and eye affliction, and to reduce fever.

Mānuka Honey has been shown through scientific studies across the world to have many beneficial properties, making Mānuka Honey highly valued and sought after. All our Mānuka Honey is tested by an independent internationally-accredited laboratory for methylglyoxal content that sets the rating that we apply for our Mānuka Honey. So you can trust in the quality of our product.

Use our Mānuka Honey daily as an elixir as a drink or straight from the jar. You can also use it for enhancing and sweetening your favourite dishes.

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