Raw Rewarewa Honey 6kg

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  • 100% Raw Rewarewa Honey.
  • Not heat-treated and not pasteurised. Full of goodness of the Rewarewa tree, the honeysuckle of New Zealand.
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Rewarewa Honey: The Best Tasting Honey in the World

Trophy of 10th Black Jar International Honey Contest Won By Manawa Honey NZ, Ruatahuna, Te Urewera, New ZealandOur Rewarewa Honey won Grand First Prize in the 10th Black Jar International Honey Tasting Contest held in Asheville, USA. So our Rewarewa Honey is now “The Best Tasting Honey in the World”.

In 2022, our Rewarewa Honey won GOLD at the London Honey Awards and back here in New Zealand, also won Silver at the Outstanding Food Producers Awards in 2021.

Think of our Rewarewa Honey as “beyond Mānuka” – another exciting unique New Zealand honey. Our Rewarewa Honey is packed full of beneficial properties, with a deep colour and a rich, full flavour harking back to its origins in the pristine forests of Te Urewera.

The Rewarewa Tree

Our Rewarewa Honey is made by our hard-working bees from the Rewarewa tree (Knightia excelsa), which is our indigenous honeysuckle tree in New Zealand. The Rewarewa tree grows in groves in well-lit parts of our forest, and stands above the forest shrubbery as a fine tree of up to 30 metres in height.

The flowers of the Rewarewa tree are clustered together on stalks with about 50-80 flowers in each cluster. The flower is designed for pollination by birds such as kōkō (the Tūhoe name for tūī) and bellbird, so it gives a bounty of nectar which our bees find to then make into our delicious Rewarewa Honey.

Traditionally, the nectar of the Rewarewa tree was collected by our ancestors for a sweetener as it contains about 45% sugars – a true honeysuckle! The inner bark was used for bandaging over wounds to check bleeding and help healing. So there’s the clue that the honey from the Rewarewa tree will have healing properties.

Rewarewa Honey By Manawa Honey NZ Ruatahuna Dripping off Honey DipperThe Benefits of Rewarewa Honey

Indeed, research has found that Rewarewa Honey has a range of properties, from antibacterial to anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effect. Research continues on just what gives Rewarewa Honey these special properties, and we can’t wait to find out!

There’s some things though that we can tell you about the properties of Rewarewa Honey. It is known to have the highest peroxide activity of NZ honey which helps in healing and fighting bacteria. Rewarewa Honey is also high in anti-oxidants for dealing with free radicals in the body, and it has been found to have strong anti-inflammatory properties.  And, yes you know this, it is great for energy and general well-being.

‘Raw’ means unpasteurised and free from heat processing. This raw honey is packed by hand using gravity with great love and care so that we don’t use the heat and pumps to move the honey along automated systems, like other honey producers do. As a result, this raw honey has all its goodness and properties right here in the pail, for you and your family.

Our Rewarewa Honey is also available in 250g and 110g. You will also find it in our range of gift-packs suitable for the special people in your life.

Use daily straight from the pail, or in tonic drinks. Rewarewa is especially favoured by chefs for use in savoury and dessert dishes to create culinary delights – see our Honey Recipes for ideas!

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