Tawari Honey Icecream In Dish on Outdoor Table
Tawari Honey Icecream In Dish on Outdoor Table

Delish ice-cream made with Tawari Honey - so easy to make, a delight for family and friends!

I find this ice cream so easy to make and it’s made with simple wholesome ingredients – Tawari Honey, cream and eggs! I make double batches of this ice cream when we’re looking after a big crew of whanau and friends at home, and it always gets accolades. I think it’s the unexpected taste of the Tawari Honey that makes it so popular!

It keeps really well in the freezer so it’s always there for the unexpected – if it lasts that long! With a fruit compote, a special topping or just as it is, it makes a great dessert that will wow your family and friends!

So easy to make too – you can get the kids involved, and have some fun in the kitchen. Yes, believe me, they’ll definitely be waiting to lick the beaters or the spoon!

Recipe by Brenda Tahi, CEO Manawa Honey NZ


🍴Serves 6-8 🕑Prep time: 20 mins | Freezing time: 2 hours


4 eggs

½ cup Tawari Honey

1 tsp vanilla essence

500 ml cream, chilled


  1. Separate eggs.
  2. Whip the egg whites to firm peaks.
  3. Beat egg yolks with the Tawari Honey and the vanilla essence until fluffy.
  4. Fold the egg yolk and honey mixture into the whipped egg whites.
  5. Whip chilled cream until thick, then fold into the eggs and honey mixture. Combine well but gently. Pour mixture into a container suitable for freezing, and freeze for 2 hours or more until firm.
  6. Top with grated chocolate or your topping of choice.


  • This ice cream is best made with Tawari Honey which is a light honey with a hint of butterscotch or liquorice (depending on your palate!) If you really like Pua-a-Tane Wild Forest Honey or Rewarewa Honey or this is what you have in your kitchen then go ahead and try it – the flavour of the honey will flow through to the flavour of the ice cream.
  • We don’t recommend Manuka Honey for this recipe as it can tend to have a strong medicinal taste that does not suit ice cream!
  • You can adjust the amount of Tawari Honey that you use in this recipe to whatever level of sweetness you prefer.

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